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5 students of Madras University suspended

Five students protesting for the last three days have been suspended in front of Shatabdi Bhavan, Madras University, seeking action against the head of the Department of Archeology.

The students of the semester had alleged that a professor had given them low in internal assessment, due to which they had failed the exam.

Reevaluation demand

The students demanded that their paper be re-evaluated by an external examiner.

On March 18, the students alleged a sit-in that Hod misbehaved with a student when he asked the professor about his poor marks.

The university has formed a committee to investigate the issue. “The university’s disciplinary committee said that the students not only created a fuss but also misused the campus,” an official said.

A senior official said that the activities of the students and their dealings with university officials forced them to take decisions.

“The students were evaluated by another professor in the department, but HOD was being targeted. Also, the students were behaving rudely with the professor, which the committee found unacceptable. There was no truth in the allegations of the students.

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