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When is the selection Sunday 2021? Show dates, times, TV channels for NCAA tournament bracket

The NCAA tournament is called March Madness for one reason, but to experience that the process of picking teams is nothing short of a science. On Sunday, college basketball fans got to see the results of that experiment for the first time in two years.

Sunday's selection is almost here, in stone – for the most part – which teams will do the 2021 NCAA tournament. While there are certain bets, other teams will need to win their conference tournament to rely on a strong finish or even reach the final zone.

There will be plenty in the NCAA selection show: not only do teams make it, but also seeding, which is a fascinating and sometimes controversial part of the process.

Sporting News has covered everything you need to know about Selection Sunday 2021: dates, times, TV channels, bracket estimates and more:

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When is the selection Sunday 2021?

  • Date: Sunday, March 14
  • Time: 6 PM ET

Selection will be on Sunday 2021 Sunday 14 March; The bracket is scheduled to be revealed at 6 pm ET, but the full 68-team bracket – which includes the First Four teams – will not be unveiled until the previous conference tournament.

On which channel is the March Madness Selection Channel shown?

CBS will air the NCAA Select Show, but can also be streamed through NCAA March Madness Live, Paramount + and fuboTV (Which offers a seven-day free trial) Belongs to. This will be the first time since 2019 when the selection show will take place; The NCAA chose not to make the brackets for the tournament in 2020 after being canceled due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

NCAA tournament 2021 selection format

The 68-team 2021 NCAA tournament will be made up of 31 automatic qualifiers – teams that win their respective conference championships – and 37 at-large bids. In a typical year, 32 automatic qualifiers and 36-big bids will form the field; The Ivy League canceled its 2020-21 men's and women's basketball , however, giving the selection an extra-large team to choose from.

The committee has no formula for seed teams, but there will be a notable difference in bracket competitors this year compared to previous seasons: The S-curve – a method of ranking each of the 68 starting teams in the snacking pattern – will be In college The method of determining in which areas the teams are placed. Since the 2021 NCAA tournament will take place in Indiana as a whole, geography will not be a determining factor.

(This essentially guarantees that the top seeds are adequately with lower-ranked matchups as the tournament progresses; this is the difference between the 8 seeds overall in total.

Geography has previously guided the selection committee's decisions as to which field the teams were placed, resulting in some teams having an unfair matchup later in the tournament. An example of this fall occurred in the 2019 tournament, when Michigan State – second-placed 2-seed and No. 6 team overall – was placed in the East Region with top overall seed Duke.

The committee uses the net rankings established in 2018 – as its primary sorting tool for teams to evaluate.

March madness bracket predictions

There is only too much certainty when it comes to which teams will make the 2021 NCAA tournament; Some, such as Gonzaga, Boiler and Michigan, are virtual locks in the form of 1-seeds (late-season meltdowns). Others, such as powers Duke, North Carolina and Michigan State, need a strong finish for the subpar season to field.

Until then, according to Ryan Fagan, Sporting News predictions for the final zone of 68 are:

  • 1-seed: Gonzaga, Michigan, Boiler, Illinois
  • 2-seed: Ohio State, Alabama, Iowa, Houston
  • 3-seed: West Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, Florida State
  • 4-seed: Arkansas, Virginia, Oklahoma State, Texas

NCAA tournament schedule 2021

The 2021 NCAA tournament begins on Thursday, March 18, with the first four games held every single day (unlike previous years in which they took place over the course of two days). March Madness will proceed from there as usual, culminating with the Final Four and National Championship games at Lucas Oil Stadium on April 3 and 5 respectively.

The goal Dates
First four 18 March
round 1 March 19-20
Second Round 21-22 March
16 27-28 March
Elite eight 29-30 March
Last four 3 April
National championship 5 April

When is the first four

The eight teams – the four lowest-seeded automatic qualifiers and the four lowest-seeded big bids – will play in four “First Four” games on Thursday 18 March. This would reduce the 68-team starting field down to 64, finalizing. Tournament bracket.

When is the final four

March Madness 2021 will conclude in Indianapolis with the Final Four and the National Championship Game Round. The final will be on April four; Two days later, the season finale will be in the National Championship game.

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