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Tua Tagovelloa Revs about Ryan Fitzpatrick, rooted for Jallan Hurts, Dolphins roam for draft

After being drafted No. 5 overall in 2020, Tua Tagovaloa had to wait for his turn for the Dolphins to start at quarterback. But he thinks he was meant to sit behind Ryan Fitzpatrick for seven matches – and because of this would be a very prevalent second-year QB.

“I have a firm belief that everything happens for a reason,” Tagovelloa told Sporting News. “Everything played the way it should play. I got to learn a lot from Fitzpatrick – he is a great person. Also I got a chance to get into the game, I got some playing time.”

With Fitzpatrick moving to free agency, it is unlikely that Miami brings a well-traveled veteran back up or toggie with Tagovelloa. Even though it was only one season, Tagovailoa expected to benefit from a stronger relationship.

“It was big – very big – for Ryan. A lot of people who have been very successful in the NFL have been mentored by people before that. Ryan has been in the league for 16 years. In terms of those guys, The outsider knows the personnel against whom we are playing. He helped to try to simplify things. He was a great asset in helping me become a better football player. “

BENDER: Tua Tagovailoa focuses on Super Bowl more than Super Bowl

Tagovailoa would not be the only second year starting QOB in the NFL from Alabama in 2021. He would join the Eagles' Burning Hurts after Philadelphia traded Carson Wentz to Indianapolis. Tagovelloa, who succeeded Hurts as the starter of the Crimson Tide in 2018, hopes they can succeed as prosecutors together.

“This is very good. Me and Jalan go back to Alabama. Seeing him succeed there and later in Oklahoma, just watching that development and now he's bowling in the NFL as well, “Tagoveloa said. I'm really happy for him and wish him all the best.”

The Dolphins' biggest immediate task is to figure out how to give Tagovelloa a strong supporting cast for their soporum season. They can use upgrades in both aggressive behavior and wide receivers. When Miami takes first place at No. 3, former Alabama players DeVanta Smith and Jaylen Wadle will be among the best players available.

Although Tagovelloa would love to throw Smith or Waddle again in the NFL, he has faith in coach Brian Floers and general manager Greer is the best fit for his current team.

It would be too much of a run to reconnect with a former partner. It helps them, too, before that connection is drafted, “he said.” But it is a decision that Coach Floers and Chris will have to make, and it is a difficult decision for them. I'm glad I'm not making that decision. “

Tagovelloa has recovered from a hip injury recovery well past what limited him prior to his selection by the Dolphins in the 2020 draft. He now has the benefit of having a full, near-normal year ahead as an NFL QB.

“It feels good, because I've never had a child.” Now, to be able to focus on strength, speed and my accuracy – the things I need to get better with – it definitely helps me a lot. “

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Tagovailoa spoke to Sporting News which represents Muscle Milk and his special “Tua Days” campaign. It is not yet close to training camp, but promising passers-by of the Dolphins are treating the march like a summer of preparations.

“It's always been ‘Tua Days' for me. It's about three days. I get up in the morning, have a workout session from 7 to 8:30 and then I have an on-field training session. 9. I'm in the afternoon. Have dinner, I work in the film room then. “

“Muscle milk has been a big part of my diet. That's why I'm working with them to strengthen recovery and everyday fitness. It's a natural partnership with a product I've always had. “

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