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Redefining the female gaze: ‘Celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood’, an online art exhibition offers a new perspective

Offering a fresh perspective to art, national and international artists pay an ode to the spirit of womanhood in a virtual art show

Thirty-eight women artists from around the world — bound by their love for art, colour and expression — joined together for ‘Celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood', an online art exhibition that was launched on Women's Day. The exhibition, under the banner of La Aartemisia (a studio and virtual gallery), has been put together by - self-taught artist Sanjukta Arun.

Sanjukta Arun

“Art and women have had a strong connection since times immemorial. Be it a simple or complicated form of art, women have an innate sense of creativity that helps them redefine everything. They give a new dimension to how art is perceived, conceived and appreciated the world over. On the flip side though, women artists have had their share of struggles and haven't been duly recognised for the work they do. It is time to hold hands and uplift each other not only in the art sphere but in every of life,” says Sanjukta.

The virtual exhibition, comprising national and international artists, offers a new perspective to women in art. The canvas of these artists is wide with space for all mediums, including a rice paper used by Japanese artist Kaoru Cecilia.

‘Celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood', an online art exhibition offers a new perspective

The show is the culmination of Sanjukta's four-months of planning. “These women are professionals and not hobby artists…they have their signature style and have a different outlook on art and womanhood in totality. The intent was to celebrate womanhood in different colours,” she adds.

Every artist has presented six of their works under various categories. Nature is another common theme represented in different forms including one by Sanjukta, in an abstract fashion.

was still an issue as Colombian, South and Japanese artists could not understand English. They, however, used Google Translate. “For four months, rigorous efforts went into getting them what I wanted but in the end, we have succeeded,” she says with relief.

Having been in the field for more than 27 years, Sanjukta has had 20 solo art shows till now. She curates only specific exhibitions like Jyoti Chowdhury's show that was held in Kolkata last February. Wife of (late) music composer Salil Chowdhury, Jyoti held her début show at 92. “Holding an art show at 92 was unheard of. It was a celebration of a milestone for me and her. also. Since she had never exhibited her works, we had to dig out all her old works and she has such a good repertoire. I felt happy to see a lady who was in the shadows get recognition at least now.”

The virtual exhibition-cum-sale is on till March 22 and will have more than 200 works on display.

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