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Duck Prescott Contract Details: Big Guaranteed Money is a win-win for the Cowboys and QBs

The Cowboys finally rode quarterback Dak Prescott with a long-term contract. ESPN's Adam Shekre reported On Monday, Prescott and Dallas officials signed a four-year, $ 160 million deal.

Instead of paying Presscott as a franchise-tagged player for the second year in a row, the Cowboys shut him down through the 2024 season. Prescott earned $ 31.4 million in guaranteed money to play on the tag in 2020 – and coming from an ankle injury that limited him to five games – he wanted a combination of short-term safety and long-term flexibility. He eliminated both and also served as a team-friendly.

Here is a breakdown of Priscott's contract, the average annual salary by total value, and what the structure means for his future in Dallas:

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What is the average annual salary of Dak Prescott?

Prescott, who turns only 28 in July, will average $ 40 million a season over the next four years. Across all NFL positions, that puts him only behind Chief Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who averaged $ 45 million from a 10-year deal he signed last summer. Prescott now makes $ 1 million more per season than Texas quarterback Deshawn Watson, hoping to be traded in this offshin.

Prescott, a fourth-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, now also holds a higher average number than the first two picks of that draft: Jared Goff ($ 33.5 million), who went from the Ram to the Lions, and Carson Wentz ($ 32 ) Million), who went from the Eagles to the Colts.

How much is Dac Prescott getting in guaranteed money?

Prescott is getting $ 126 million of its own $ 160 million, a $ 95 million guarantee with practically signed guarantees. The contract has a maximum value of $ 164 million. Prescott is set to make $ 126 million in the first three seasons at an average of $ 42 million per season. Prescott will earn $ 75 million in total annual cash for his play in 2021.

In terms of total guarantees, Prescott is once again between Mahomes ($ 141.5 million) and Watson ($ 110.7 million). He is also earning more than draft classmates Goff ($ 110 million) and Wentz ($ 107.97 million).

How big is Dac Prescott's signature bonus?

Prescott received $ 66 million of his contract in signing bonuses. It is the highest number for a contract in NFL history, overtaking recent deals by Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson ($ 65 million) and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers ($ 57.5 million).

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Can Prescott be re-tagged or traded with the deal?

No. Presscott secured a no-tag provision and a no-trade clause as part of the contract. He now has the power to re-read his contract in relation to increasing quarterback market value. He will do so when he is still in his young prime minister beyond the age of 32.

What is Postal Prescott's salary cap number for 2021?

Per laterThe initial cap the Cowboys took away would be a modest $ 22.2 million on Prescott's contract. The Cowboys, by franchise-tagging Prescott with a 120 percent increase from 2020, would have been cap-strapped by another $ 37.7 million, all guaranteed toward the cap. He approved a significant sum of $ 15.5 million for this year, earning $ 126 million over three years.

As the Cowboys were shrewd to work out the numbers in their favor to tout their roster, Prescott showed how much he wanted to help the Cowboys win beyond their game on the field. While the Cowboys can spread cap , Prescott protected himself as more front-end money with fewer deals. This is a predictable but well-compensated bet on itself without the risk of year-to-year.

The Cowboys are positioned to get additional cap relief from Prescott ahead of their next deal, assuming it is with him as well. Prescott can then work to ensure himself that he is one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the game in only a few more years.

Prescott's cap numbers would rise to $ 33.2 million in 2022 and then $ 47.2 million in 2024, before reaching $ 44.2 million in 2022. The Cowboys could manage an additional $ 11 million for the next year and the salary cap at each sign would go above revenue. To balance the new television deal.

Jerry Jones paid his star players and there was no way Prescott would be allowed to walk after wide receiver Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliott got mega deals to walk back. The Cowboys can make such players a lot happier and get into bad contracts (see Jaylon Smith, the linebacker), but because he took his time with Prescott – and because he was patient to get the exact parameters that he was Wanted – Both team and quarterback wins. Now the only thing left is Prescott to earn the value of the contract with a more specific, healthier game.

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