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Mr. Vishnu talks with Rajendra Prasad about working in ‘S Gali Sampat’ and his career options

Actor Mr. Vishnu is ahead in working with Rajendra Prasad and what is his choice

Telugu movie Abusive property, To be released on March 11, starring actor Rajendra Prasad in the title role and Sri Vishnu as his son. “We have seen many movies where the father cheats on being a son Julian (Aimless, drifter), but in this film, Mr. Vishnu says, “a role of sorts is reversed.” The actor has a habit of choosing slightly unconventional films within the mainstream space Abusive property, He says, is no exception.

Leading to promotion Abusive The release has just begun and Vishnu takes time to speak in the midst of shooting for a new film, an untitled police story that he regards as a “half-biopic”.

Abusive property It was launched in November 2020 and Vishnu remembers that when he first got a call from filmmaker Anil Ravipudi, his colleague S Krishna wrote the story: “Anil Ravipudi is seen working and mainstream with A-list star heroes Is known for his projects. So I was wondering what he had for me and whether I would fit into it. I was impressed by the story showing the father-son bond with Rajendra Prasad Sir . “

Satya, Srivishnu and Rajendra Prasad

In this film directed by Ravipudi’s colleague Aneesh, Rajendra Prasad loses his voice after an accident, but that does not stop him from chasing his dreams, including acting. Vishnu says that with the veteran actor on board, the film unit decided to shoot away from Hyderabad, following the COVID-19 security protocol: “The initial plan was to complete the shooting within 35 days, But it took us 55-60 days. “

He says that it used to take at least three-four days in the presence of Rajendra Prasad on the set: “There is a lot to learn from him. I kept watching her and by the end of the film, I think I have emulated her techniques from five to 10%, which I have started incorporating while acting for my new films. I can understand the difference in my point of view. “

When Shri Vishnu started acting a little more than a decade ago, he knew that he would have to make his own way. He looked for unconventional stories, and in the years when his films worked and he was consciously chosen to do something new, aspiring directors approached him with new stories: “It’s all about step by step, days From Prema, Ishq, Kaithal. Mental madhilo, nadi nadi ok katha And Brocharevar Everyone helped my journey and the directors concerned, ”he says.

Born out of necessity

Who made him clear of prophetic themes? “There was a time in the mid-1980s when Telugu cinema had films with realistic stories of Rajendra Prasad, Bapu and Jandhyala. Earlier Chiranjeevi films also fall in this category. In the 90s, our films got more commercial and mainstream, with ‘Jana’ being the protagonist. When I wanted to become an actor, I knew my strengths and limitations. I wasn’t sure if I could do what the top stars are doing in ‘Mass’ films. Which snatched up my choice. I wanted to establish myself as an actor. “

He watched many films while in college. When he chanted 7g Rainbow Colony (Tamil; 2004), it shook him and changed his attitude towards cinema: “I used to watch the previous films of the director (Selvaraghavan’s) then, too,” Vishnu recalls.

He is happy that the director now approaches him without hesitation when he does something out of the routine: “I enjoy it too. It helps to explore different genres and to challenge the actor in me. “

During the lockdown, there were several proposals for web series and digital platforms. Despite the uncertainty over the theatrical release, Vishnu says he held back because he was already committed to a few films before the epidemic: “Through lockdown, we planned that once things got better we could make films How to execute it. So far, everything is going smoothly, ”he says.

They have finished shooting Raja Raja Chora, In which he plays the role of a short-time thief and is almost done with Arjun Phalgun, Set in the Godavari belt: “Some more projects are in the pipeline,” he says.

Talking about Abusive property Who will lead Jathi Ratnalu And Sriram At the box office, Vishnu is confident that the four-day weekend will help bring viewers to theaters: “All three films are of different genres, so I think there is enough room for everyone.”


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