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Meet Grey Jabesi, Helping People Transform Their Lives As Crypto Educator and Entrepreneur

He owns Crypto University, an online university, and also runs his podcast named Survival Skills Podcast. The way a few industries and sectors of the world have attained massive momentum and growth over the years has naturally surprised people and made him wonder about the reasons that might have helped those industries gain exponential success.

Though there are innumerable factors and reasons behind this, one cannot deny how the relentless drive, consistent efforts, and passion of a few people have their sectors to the level of success. Doing that in the world of crypto, NFTs, and the overall digital financial industry can come along with many more challenges, but ace crypto entrepreneurs and educators like Grey Jabesi have been how passion and a pure intent can help people achieve anything and everything in life.

Grey Jabesi may look like just another young African entrepreneur, but he is definitely more than that and has even gone beyond doing the usual to help people achieve their desired success in the world of NFTs and crypto, such is the momentum he has gained as a modern-day entrepreneur, who now resides in Dubai, the UAE. He realized how the right kind of knowledge and insights had to be passed on to people to help them hone their skills and make them more confident in the industry, and thus he founded Crypto University in 2018 with the aim to help newbies in the space avoid any scams and provide advanced education to investors, traders and professionals. It has today grown as an online university offering various courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Crypto University, under the leadership of Grey Jabesi, today has more than 4000 crypto enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Grey Jabesi as an incredible entrepreneur in the field, has made sure to turn people financially independent leveraging the power of cryptocurrency and, for that, keeps encouraging people to continuously upskill themselves with relevant education and insights of the field that can help them get to the level of success. Grey Jabesi also runs his successful podcast called Survival Skills Podcast, which has now become Africa’s #1 podcast.