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YSRCP misuses volunteer system to win elections: Somu Veeraraju

BJP state president Somu Virju has provoked the YSRCP government to “misuse the volunteer system” to win a landslide victory in the recently held panchayat and municipal elections.

Addressing the media here on Sunday, Mr Virju accused the ruling party of massive misuse of official machinery, while the “informal volunteer set-up” gave it an extra edge over rivals.

Branding the volunteer system as the party’s sympathizer and workers’ rehabilitation center, he claimed that the system is being praised across the country.

“It is nothing but the ‘ head’ set-up already in the BJP, where registered volunteers serve people,” he said.

He also dared to appoint BJP to appoint the government to the same positions if the establishment of Swayamsevaks in the state was indeed excusable.

Mr. Virju tried to find out on what basis volunteers could threaten the beneficiaries of social security schemes that would be if they did not vote for the ruling party.

Is this a commendable act? No, it is a mockery of democracy that leaves the state with a bleed of ₹ 35,000 crore every year, ”he said.

He accused the ruling party of not winning the recent election with public support, but through “fraudulent means”.

He criticized the way unanimous victories were declared in many divisions and wards, and to complain with the authorities concerned against being abused by the ruling party.

The party announced the list of leaders in-charge and co-incharge for the assembly segments that form part of the Tirupati (SC) Lok Sabha constituency. State spokesperson Sanchi Srinivas, General Secretary Suryanarayana Raju and Lokula Gandhi, Parliamentary constituency in-charge S.K. Dayakar Reddy was present.


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