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Youngstown state employee banned sideline after hitting opponent

Youngstown State has banned team players' director Tim Johnson after he began contact with an opposing team player on Saturday.

The school and the Missouri Valley Conference – the conference in which the Penguins compete – issued a joint statement on Monday that Johnson would not be allowed for the remaining days of the spring season. Johnson is a former Youngstown State All-American linebacker, who has 401 career tackles and advanced to the NFL, spending six seasons with the league, the Bears, the Ravers and the Rens.

He is in his first year in the role of first-year head coach Doug Phillips.

“I (University of Northern Iowa), Youngstown State, Missouri Valley Football Conference and apologize to our community for what happened on Saturday.” Read johnson's statement. “As a member of the YSU football staff, my actions are held in high regard and should never happen. Again, I apologize to all who have been affected by my actions.”

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The incident occurred after Northern Iowa's Kwan Hampton (five receptions, 74 yards) caught a pass and drove the ball to the midfield; At the end of the , Johnson is seen hanging and bowing at Hampton, slamming the Panthers receiver to the ground. No penalty was called and Johnson stayed on the sidelines.

Here is another angle of contact courtesy of sport:

Northern Iowa won the season 21–1, going 1–1; Youngstown State is now 0–2 after losing first to North Dakota State.


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