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Yankees Aaron Boone took medical leave of absence to apply pacemaker

Yankees manager Aaron Boone is taking a medical leave from the team to undergo a heart procedure.

Boone, who had open-heart surgery in 2009 to correct a congenital defect in his heart, has to go under the knife once again to apply a pacemaker.

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()Update: Yankees announced Wednesday evening Boone was out of surgery and Fla. In the recovery room at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa.

The first part of Boon’s statement explains his illness:

As many of you know, I underwent open-heart surgery in 2009, and I wanted everyone to understand where I am about the procedure that it is today. In the last six-to-eight weeks, I have had mild symptoms of lightheadedness, low energy, and shortness of breath. As a result, I went through a series of tests and exams in New York before the start of spring training, which included several visits with a team of cardiologists. While the heart checkup came back to normal, there were signs of low heart rate, which, after further consultation with doctors in Tampa, required pacemakers.

The New York captain has said in his statement that he plans to return to the field in the coming days, and that his position as Yankees manager will likely remain unchanged, with doctors saying his way of life will continue Is expected because it was before surgery.

Boone, 47, is entering his fourth season as the Yankees manager and has helped guide the team to the playoffs in its first three seasons.

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