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What will Washington do in QB? Allegedly with Alex Smith, substitute football team on pass

Mr. Smith is leaving Washington.

According to NFL Network's Jones and Ian Rapoport, the Washington football team is reportedly moving on from quarterback Alex Smith, planning to drop him and “upgrade” at quarterback.

Rapoport says Smith plans to play at least one more season at age 36, and a team looking for a stopgap starter or quality backup may be in the market for Smith's services.

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Smith won the AP Comeback Player of the Year award after nearly two years of recovering from the field and rehab from a devastating foot injury that cost him his life; Smith tossed for 1,582 yards and six touchdowns with eight interceptions last season.

Smith recently said his miraculous comeback threw a “wrench” in Washington's plans at quarterback, noting that the team is dealing with QB controversies after Dwayne Haskins in the first round, shockingly, released in 2020. it was done.

So what will Washington do in QB? Some for the football team, as they enter the offseason, seek a franchise passerby again:

Washington Football Team Quarterback Options

“I think the biggest thing we can say is that we are exploring all our options,” Washington head coach Ron Rivera said In an earlier talk about the QB situation. “Nothing is off the table.”

With Smith's release, Dwayne Haskins in Washington and a blue-chip passer with no future in the team, there are many options for the football team to enter the offshines – some familiar and some not.

  • Head coach Ron Rivera and Cam Newton? A very bad passing season is coming with the Newton Patriots, and some reports indicate that he may return to New England for another season. Rivera seems well-known in his quarterback room, however, for signing a deal with former Panthers Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinic and taking snacks in 2020 for the squad.
  • Speaking of Tailor Hinike, The passersby recently signed a two-year deal with Washington after a surprising pair of decent games in 2020 – one in the regular season and one in the playoffs vs. Buknar. The 27-year-old, presumably not a future star QB, could himself some snaps entering the 2021 season.
  • The trade market can be enticing, depending on what is available. Jets and quarterbacks Sam darnold Looks like the title for a split. Broncos and Drew Lock May not be long for each other. Russell Wilson Don't count on it, though SN's Winnie Iyer sees Washington as a top trading venue for Wilson.
  • Washington is currently ranked No. 19 in the 2021 NFL Draft, potentially out of bounds for the top quarterback in the draft. The pre-draft process is still in play, however, with the days scheduled for next month.

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