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UFC 259: Petr Yan disqualified after illegal kneeling; Alzman Sterling is the new bantamweight champion

In one of the biggest brain fades in UFC Championship Fight history, Petr Yan has been disqualified from his bantamweight title fight against Alzman Sterling at UFC 259 after throwing an illegal knee.

Yan planted his right knee directly on Sterling's face, but the challenger was knocked down at the time.

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Sterling tried to regain his compartment and his legs for more than three minutes, but referee Mark had no choice but to disqualify Wayne and the new 135-pound champion Sterling.

Yan was fully in control of the fight at the time of the foul and was on his way to successfully defend the belt for the first time.

UFC President Dana White put a belt around Sterling's waist, but an emotional Alzo took it off and left it in the Octagon.

“Everything I worked on for this point, let the fight go that way,” he said through tears.

“I felt it was close, I felt I was down by two rounds. It's not like I wanted to win. It's not like I considered it. I removed the belt. I was in a bad position and it was Was making ego. Fight me.

“I wanted to continue. It was fast-paced, lots of action. The action was non-stop till that bull.”

After the bout, it is revealed that Yan's corner told him that he was allowed to kneel Sterling despite the Challenger being on the field.

Sterling came out of the blocks, throwing everything in the opening minute and a half. Yan was very tagged under the insane speed and pressure of the challenge.

Aljo stuck the first he had made, but Yan regained his feet and quickly the pace of the fight with a huge ruins right.

He was stunned as Sterling collided with the canvas and was later sent back with a vicious low kick second.

It was just as intense in the second, with Sterling working hard for a takedown. Alzo appeared comfortable and relaxed in the opening round of the first round, but was putting more effort at every step in the second and third.

Meanwhile, Yan was as patient and calculated as ever, and began to have more control in the third.

As it began to look like a formality, Yan put a brutal illegal knee scar on Sterling's head. At that time Sterling was fielded, with Yan putting his knee directly into his head.

Sterling was stunned and remained on his back for more than three minutes.

“For his health and safety, it should be called,” Rogan said. “Alzaman is a tough man. If he can get up, he will get up. It should be summoned. Call this fight.”

Smith had no other option but disqualified Sterling and was asked to call off the fight, in addition to being given an award.

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