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Siddu Poornachandra’s film makes its way to the Rajasthan International Film Festival

Kannada film director, Siddu Poornachandra is on cloud nine. His latest film, Daari Yavudayya Vaikuntake, is yet to release byt has already created ripples at various film festivals.

It has been receiving accolades and has now been chosen to be screened at the Rajasthan Film Festival (RIFF), which will be held from March 20 to 24 in Jaipur. “Some films are made for purely entertainment purpose and some made for passion. Then, there are some films that you make to leave your mark in the world; I believe Daari… is that kind of a film,” beams a happy Siddu, who earlier helmed Krishna Garments.

‘Daari Yavudayya Vaikuntake' heads to Rajasthan International Film Festival

Just like that film, Daari… too is a thriller. “But this has all the of a family entertainer. The story will appeal to people of all ages,” he assures.

In Daari…, Pooja (of Thithi fame) plays a prominent role, apart from Anusha Rodriges is cast in a role with negative shades. Vardhan is part of the project too. “I will not say so and so is the hero or heroine, because in this film, every character is important,” believes the director.

The film revolves around a man who thinks life is all about money and accidentally lands up in a cemetery. How that changes his perspective of life forms the core storyline. “The graveyard does play a prominent role in the proceedings, but this is not a horror film, nor is it about ghosts,” laughs Siddu, who awaits the release of his film in May 2021. Siddu has written the story and the for the film that has been produced by Sharanappa M Kotagi.

‘Daari …' gets screened at':

* Nawada International Film Festival

* 7 Colours International Film Festival

* Bettiah International Film Festival 2nd season

*5th Indian world Film Festival

* Indian International Film Award 2021

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