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Sean Penn’s Hair at Golden Globes 2021 is a Trending Topic on the Internet (Read Tweets)

American actor Sean Penn's hairstyle has once again gone viral following his appearance at Sunday's Golden Globes. According to Fox News, the 60-year-old actor appeared during the ceremony to discuss the work being done to combat the coronavirus pandemic by CORE, the relief organization founded by Penn. Golden Globes 2021 Winners List: Netflix's The Crown Wins Big, David Fincher's Mank Snubbed and More from the 78th Golden Globe Awards.

Viewers couldn't help but comment on the actor's hairstyle on Twitter. “I'm a fan of Sean Penn but not a fan of the hairstyle,” said one person. “Sean Penn went to his hairstylist and said, ‘Give me the Operation guy,'” said a viewer in reference to the board game ‘Operation.' “Congratulations to Sean Penn for his role as ‘all of The Three Stooges,'” joked another. Golden Globe 2021: John Boyega Wins Best Supporting Actor for ‘Small Axe'.

Asked a third: “Why does Sean Penn look like he drank from the grail.”

“Please give a golden globe to whoever let Sean Penn look like this on national TV,” added yet another. Some viewers found the actor's appearance to be somewhat relatable, saying he “is also all of us [right now] if we were forced to put on a tux.” “Sean Penn exactly how I'd look if I was forced to dress up during a [pandemic],” said another.

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Meanwhile, another said, “Sean Penn could really care less about any one's opinion on his hair. That is what makes him so unique.” Late last year, fans took note of Penn's hairstyle during a television appearance for chat show ‘Morning Joe.' After comments about his unruly look went viral online, the Oscar-winner took to Twitter to address it. “If you think my hair goes wild on Morning Joe when hacked by Russians (allegedly), you should see how much wilder it goes when peeps donate to @COREResponse,” he wrote at the time. (ANI)