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Russell Wilson Trade Rumors: Seahawk bears making QB their first option in offseason

The latest Russell Wilson trade rumor includes a team in which Wilson would approve a trade.

Granted, the rumor was slim – just one sentence – and there was no sign of a deal being close, but because it is Wilson and the 2021 NFL calendar starts in less than two weeks, it was just one notable one.

Chicago Tribune reporter / columnist Brad Biggs got the rumor while writing this For a column published on friday:

“The thinking among many sources is that Byers has preferred a run over Seattle Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson.”

IYER: Every team's possibility of drafting QB in Round 1

It is not too much. The 2021 season was only a small part of the Bears' long breakdown of salary cap status. Still, for many reasons, starting with Wilson being clear in Chicago on all, makes complete sense.

– Wilson is elite, Mitchell Trubisky is mediocre and Trubisky is about to become a free agent.

– The free-agent QB market does not excite postal preoccupations, and there are reports that Prescott and the Cowboys are progressing on being together. SN's Vinny Iyer ranked Prescott, Jemis Winston, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Trubisky and Andy Dalton as the top five free-agent QBs this offseason.

– Chicago finished 20th in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft after finishing 8-8 in 2020. Trade for Trey a Lance or Mack Jones, or package the pick with two future 1s and complete the Seattle Report Ask for Wilson? The Beers can expect future picks to be or late goal selections if Wilson is their QB for the next few seasons.

(The same can be said for the rural Watson trade, but Texans keep saying that Watson is not available.)

– Wilson has three years left in his four-year term, a $ 140 million contract extension. The hat is a hit for those seasons, According to Spotrac: $ 32 million in 2021, $ 37 million in 2022, and $ 40 million in 2023. Wilson would turn 35 late in the '23 season. She is At the top price of the market A player who is about to enter his mid-30s, but this is an opportunity for Chicago to get a top-of-market QB on a relatively small contract.

This Chicago business depends on whether Seahawk and Wilson can pass their sniping through the media. It seems that the bear wants to shed a tear if there is no deficiency in the relationship.

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