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Nets James Harden on his return to Houston: I wanted to ‘give him a show’

Nets guard James Harden knew that on Wednesday night he would receive a backlash from fans as he was forced to move out of town through trade ever since he first played in Houston.

It turned out to be a mixture of boons and cheers from the few thousand fans who were allowed at the Toyota Center.

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Harden acknowledged the cheers flowing after Rocket's in-game tribute video.

He left the city with a smile after another Brooklyn victory.

What did Hardik say about the treatment of fans?

“A lot of mixed feelings from fans, but (I) knew that was going to happen. I just wanted to come here and give them a show.”

How he learned that Rocket would retire his number 13 in the future

“Umm, on the Internet.”

What was his to the news?

“My response was, ‘Hopefully, I did something right.” Obviously I fell short of a championship. But I had worked on the work that the court had done over the years. The aristocracy believes that I think that is the only thing I did or did not accomplish. , Which is difficult to obtain.

“But as far as bringing excitement to the city is concerned, it is something for the fans in the court to take care of, to which I have tried to contribute, so hopefully that will happen in the future.”

How much show did Hardik give to the fans?

Harden scored his eighth triple-double in 23 matches with Brooklyn, which already places him second in franchise history behind 61 of Jason Kidd. Beard had 29 points, 14 assists and 10 rebellions in 41 minutes. He was also a highly skilled scorer, shooting 10 for 15 (3 for 8 from the floor) and 5 for 7 from the line.

“You can tell that it means something to him,” Nets coach Steve Nash told reporters. Per Associated Press “This place is special for James. Houston means a lot to him … so I it was a big game for him. I was proud of the way he handled it.”

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