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NBA All-Star Schedule 2021: Times, TV Channels, Lineup for Slam Dunk Contest, 3-Point Competition, Skills Challenge

Is everyone ready for NBA All-Star weekend? Well, let's call it All-Star night.

Instead of holding their own typical All-Star events over several days, the league consolidated everything into one evening. On Sunday, the best players around the NBA will take place over the course of a few hours at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta with skills competitions and the All-Star Game.

Now that the contestants have been revealed for each event, there is a of this year's All-Star celebration.

NBA All-Star 2021: Full lineup for slam dunk competition, 3-point competition

NBA All-Star Schedule 2021

TNT's all-star telecast airs Sundays at 5 pm ET, followed by the Kaushal Challenge and a 3-point contest. The slam dunk competition will serve as entertainment for all-star game watchers.

Sunday, March 7

Time (ET) The competition
At 5 pm NBA All-Star Tipoff Show
6:30 pm Skill challenge and 3-point competition
At 8 o'clock All-star game
Tbd Slam Dunk Contest (halftime of the All-Star Game)

NBA slam dunk contest participants 2021

There are three players competing in two rounds in the slam dunk competition. Each player attempts two Duck Epsies in the first round, then the two highest scorers advance to the final round. The remaining players then plunge one by one to determine the winner. The first round drawers will be scored by five judges on a scale of 6-10, raising the minimum score to 30 and the maximum score to 50. In the final round, Judge will choose a winner by picking up a card with the name of Dunker.

Here are the participants of the 2021 Slam Dunk Contest:

The player Team
Efferni Simmons trail Blazers
Cassius Stanley Fast bowlers
Obi Toppin Nix

NBA 3-point contest participants 2021

The six 3-point contests will shoot participants at five regular spots along the arc, four racks of four regular balls (one point) and one money ball (two points), and a special rack of five money balls. Players can choose their favorite spots for the money ball rack.

The two “MTN DEW zones” will sit 6 feet behind the 3-point line. Each has a green ball worth three points. With the addition of these areas, the NBA has increased the time from 60 seconds to 70 seconds and a maximum score of 34 points to 40 points.

The competition is separated by two rounds, with the three highest-scoring players from the first round reaching the finals. The player who gets the most points in the final round will be crowned the winner.

Here are the 2021 3-point contest participants:

The player Team
Devin booker sons
Jaylen Brown The celtics
Stephen Curry Warrior's
Zach Lavine Bulls
Donovan michelle Jazz
Jason Tottom The celtics

NBA skills challenge participants 2021

The skill challenge puts six players through an obstacle course that tests their dribbling, passing, and shooting abilities. Players will compete against each other in three rounds. The player who completes each individual matchup in advance the fastest time for the next round, leading to one final round for the Skill Challenge trophy.

Here are the 2021 skills challenge participants:

The player Team
Robert covington trail Blazers
Luka Donsik Mavericks
Chris paul sons
Julius randall Nix
Domantas Sabonis Fast bowlers
Nikola Vosevic Magic