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March Madness Bubble Watch: Duke was never here before, but home-court still benefits

“The Duke is the Duke.” They are more than the ‘ Beaver's Side' on TV. “

This statement is more impressive, and a taut, when told with the distinctive accent of Pete Gillen.

It is less entertaining and more ominous for those competing with the Blue Devils for the NCAA tournament bid.

Duke is striving to make the 25th NCAA tournament in a row, and there are many who believe it is an advantage for the Blue Devils to become, simply, Duke. Deliberately, subconsciously, whatever – you see Duke on the team sheet, unlike any team in a mid-major league, it's hard not to give an edge to the team that's been there so many .

This is an entirely new area for the Devils, however, and for the committee. They have gone on to 35 NCAA tournaments under Mike Krazyvski, and they have never been lower than the No. 8 seed. It may still be in reach, but it will require an amazing finish. Most likely, if the Devils make it, it will be something in the double-digit range for the first time in program history.

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Here he and the other bubble team are up against tonight:

NCAA bubble game to watch on Tuesday

The ruler On Georgia tech, 8pm, ACC Network. Both teams are in dire need of it. The Devils (11-9, No. 59) are out of the estimated consensus of around 100 brackets BracketMatrix.com, And they have got two important opportunities to change the game and travel to Chapel Hills on Saturday to play the Tar Heels. Getting two chances in a Quad 1 win is too big for a team currently 1-3 in that department.

The Yellow Jackets (13-8, No. 40) burst into a lot of mock brackets with their successes against Virginia Tech and Syracuse and working to make the NCAAs for the first time under coach Josh Pasner, and would beat the Blue Devils. Them in an excellent condition.

Indiana On Michigan state, 8 pm, BTN. The Hoziers (12-12, No. 57 nett) are supported in the corner as much as possible without falling through the wall. There have been indications that the committee will not, due to the circumstances that have developed from the epidemic, be bound by the criteria for 35 years of the first extended NCAA tournament. We know that no team has ever earned an at-large bid with a record worse than two in more than 500 games, and only two have met on that mark. But it is hard to imagine anyone making a losing team.

Maryland State, in their losses Sunday at Michigan State (13-10, No. 77), overcame some of the goodwill they earned by defeating Illinois and Ohio State within a week. But the Spartans still have two games left against No. 1 seed candidate Michigan and a chance to knockout fellow bubble team at IU. If they could somehow win two of those three, it would be difficult to see a scenario in which the Spartans failed to extend their NCAA tournament streak to 23.

Xavier At Georgetown, 7 pm, FS1. The problem for the Musketeers (13-5, No. 48) is having two remaining road games on the regular-season schedule that are definitely losers (Georgetown defeated Crayton and Seton Hall, winning the Marquette in the Northwest last week ) If claimed as a win, pay a small amount for the resume. They would both fall in Quad 2, though, and it would be useful for Xavier, currently 6-5 combined against Quad 1 and 2, to be above .500 in that department.

In the state of Fresno Boise state, 7 pm, CBS Sports Network. The Broncos (17-6, No. 35), swept last weekend by San State, were also brought close to the edge of the bracket. They are combined with 500 against Quad 1 and 2, and 9 of their wins are against Quad 4, a higher number than any bubble team that is not a true mid-major. Fresno winning more than 203 home wins would do nothing for Boise, but the Rutgers' trip to Nebraska may have reminded everyone that such results are not guaranteed. The Mountain West Conference tournament begins March 10.

Memphis In South Florida, at 9 pm, ESPNU. The Tigers (14-6, No. 60) put themselves well behind the field in the rough the first month, and the Bulls take care of the American Athletic Conference prowess is about to begin a final-day performance against Houston Which at least gives them a chance out.

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