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Linea Digitech – The Global Experts in Web Developing

Linea Digitech is a leading App Development, Development, and Digital Marketing Company focusing on providing its clients with the best possible solutions, the right technical information, and helping them to choose any framework for themselves.

They see how the IT industry is diverse and anticipated the coming era of the IT sector as the most sought-after one. They developed excellent 2D and 3D games with multiplayer features utilizing the unity game engine which offers an unbeatable gaming experience.

More About Linea Digitech

Linea Digitech is an AR/VR development company with its head office in New Delhi, India. They have branched out overseas and set up in Saudia Arabia too. They are a group of experienced and professional personalities in the IT sector. Linea Digitech has been faithfully serving clients all around the world for more than 10 years. This trust gained them a lot of achievements and an increasing number of clients. They started their journey in the industry as a humble web and mobile app development company providing precise and accurate solutions to their clients to help them run their business. But with consistent efforts and hard work, they managed to stay highly on technological advancements and were able to establish a unique position in the industry. At present they are working on the technologies such as Blockchain, Python and providing solutions related to ML, AI, Bigdata, IOT, AR/VR Development, Progressive Web App, etc.

What Made Linea Digitech Stand Out Tall From The Rest?

Linea Digitech’s experienced IT professionals always give utmost importance to the quality of their service and the on-time delivery of the projects. They are seasonal experts in developing outstanding AR/VR games. This helped them in integrating the game’s visual and audio content with the user’s environment in real-time. AR delivers engaging experiences to users on their personal devices while VR converts ideas to products and apps through VR solutions. They help to create great visual strategies. Linea Digitech serves a large number of industries including automobile, real estate, B2B, B2C, Logistics, Healthcare, Furniture, FMCG, Shopping Apps/Malls, Interior Designers, etc. through the use of AR/VR technologies. This helped the clients grow and to the level and gain the customer’s trust. Their foresight made them think of a period where each and every business and industry will be keen on embracing AI as a chief method of their business strategy.

The major attraction of their organization is that they never fail on keeping complete transparency during each step of their service. The client will be consistently notified of the work progress along with the sketch. And also the company provides a support person to each client who will be there for them. To reach them, the clients don’t have to go through IVR. It can be simply done via email, chat, calls, WhatsApp, etc. And in case the support person is not there, then the clients can directly reach the support person’s allocated supervisor or manager.

Linea Digital On Its Journey To Conquer Greater Heights

The company through its consistent exposure to technical advancements and the frequent interactions with a large number of clients gained them the present strength. Throughout their growth phase, they served 20 different countries and completed hundreds of projects. The quality and accuracy of their service can be clearly figured out from their 90% of repeated customers. The team’s experts always consider their clients as kings and provide them with the best of their services. Along with providing their customers with exceptional services, they also give importance to frequent training of employees. This made Linea Digitech build up a strong and dedicated team. They believe that “great things in business are never done by one person. they’re done by a team of people”.

In the future, they are planning to take out the best inside each of their specialists and grow further as the most sought after web designing company in India, facilitating sustainable growth and international clients.

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