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JJ Watt madly revealed that he made sure no one signed his Cardinals

Free agency, as JJ Watt discovered this offseason, is wild.

The three- NFL Defensive Player of the Year accepted as much in his introductory news conference with the Cardinals on Monday. Watt said he took great pains to make sure he controlled his free agency narrative, the first of his 10-year career.

“The whole process, like I said before, we kept it very quiet from our side,” Watt said. “Everything. Everything that was involved. For everything. It had a lot of rumors and reports and everything. But for us, on our end, it was fun to sit back and watch it every kind of game. Because. We Knew who it really was, how it all goes and everything. And we just sat there and stayed calm the whole time. “

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When it came time for Watt to announce that he would sign with the Cardinals, he took absolutely zero chances that someone would leak the news in front of him. To that end, he brought his brother's high school friend order shirt to him for four or five finalists.

“It's kind of weird – it's kind of stupid, too, but whatever,” Watt said. “I had a shirt for each team, just in case the situation arises. But we were trying to keep it so quiet that I didn't trust whoever was at the packaging facility wouldn't see my name on the package and two. And will keep the two together.

“So my brother's high school friend used his credit card and address. And he sent the shirt to his house and he brought them to my house so we could do it all. So shout out to Doug and Joe to make it . this happens.”

And so, Watt had to break the news of his signing:

Here is to revisit Watt's position:

It is unlikely that Watt will have the opportunity to pull off a similar stunt in the near future; Arizona signed him to a two-year, $ 31 million deal with a $ 23 million guarantee.


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