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Fantasy Baseball SS Rankings: Shortstop Tears, Sleepers, Draft Strategy

If there is a position to target – early and late in the fantasy baseball draft, it is shortstop. Not only are there some elite players who will go through the first one or two rounds, but they are also true inter-creators in the fantasy's Scartin category (theft). You can also find sluggers and high average hitters. Luckily, even if you don't get one of the top tier shortstops, there are plenty of value players and sleepers in the SS rankings below that can help you maintain momentum at the position.

Draft strategy is important when it comes to shortstop. While you should always be flexible and ready to adapt, a try turner (such as you may not have the ability to draft where you choose in the first round) or Adalberto Mondesi can give you a solid impression. How do you want your first five or six rounds. By quickly catching one of the elite SB threats, you can focus mostly on sluggers or perhaps the 25-HR, 15-SB type, along with the rest of your initial pix. You can also opt for a large power-solid speed SS like Trevor Story or Francisco Lindor or an elite double-threat double threat like Bo Bechte or Tim Anderson.

Those latter players will not break the bank like the top six in terms of draft capital, but they will still go with players like the first five rounds (Corey Seeger, Gleeber Torres and Xavier Baez). After those top doubles tiers (which likely won't feature Manny Machado or Bregman if you don't play on Yahoo), SS has a perceived decline, but there are still plenty of potential breakouts and bounce-backs.

You know Carlos Correa is going to have a big year at some point, and both Marcus Semian and Kettle Marte showed what they could do two years ago when they were MVP candidates. Dylan Moore is an emerging power-speed threat, and Didi Gregorius, Willie Adams, and Paul de Jong can both put up solid power numbers. Gene Segura, Dansby Swanson, and Tommy Edman can all chip in the board, while Amid Rosario, Elvis Andrus and Garrett Hampson can steal more than 20 bases.

Many of these players qualify for multiple positions, which not only makes them more valuable in all formats, but also makes them more unpredictable when they will draft. In shallow leagues, you don't have to worry too much about it, but in deep leagues, you'll always want to check the SS list and try to figure out which category you need the most help to backup. is . There is something for everyone.

We will keep updating our SS rankings throughout the spring, so check back for the latest player movement. Please note that players are ranked as if they are In college Characters in SS. Some players, such as Gleiber Torres or Dylan Moore, may be ranked higher due to their multi-position eligibility.

Fantasy Baseball SS Rankings: Shortstop Tears, Sleepers, Draft Strategy

Rankings based on 5×5 H2H leagues are in the form of a hitting category with rupees, HRs, RBIs, SBs and batting averages.

Eligibility based on position Yahoo's default settings

* * The player is not eligible in any position on the day of the draft but is expected to play there during the season.

Post Player (bats) Age (as of 4/1) Team Other posts Tier
1 Fernando Tatis Jr. (R) 22 Padres 1
2 Trey Turner (R) 2. The citizens 1
3 Trevor Story (R) 2. Of rocks 1
4 Francisco Lindor (S) 2. Mets 1
5 Manny Machado (R) 2. Padres 3b 2
4 Alex Bragman (R) 2. Astros 3b 2
. Xander Bogartts (R) 2. red Sox 2
. Bow sell (R) 23 Neelkanth 2
4 Adalberto Mondesi (S) 25 Royal Family 2
10 Tim Anderson (R) 2. White sox 2
1 1 Corey Seeger (L) 24 Dodgers 2
12 Gleiber Torres (R) 24 Yankees 2b 2
13 Xavier Baiz (R) 2. The cub 2
14 Marcus Semian (R) 30 Neelkanth 2B * 3
15 Carlos Correa (R) 24 Astros 3
14 Kettle Mart (S) 2. De-back 2 B, OF 3
1. Dylan Moore (R) 2. Mariners 2B, 3B, OF 3
1. Jean Segura (R) 31 Phillies 2b, 3b 4
19 Didi Gregorius (L) 31 Phillies 4
20 Dansby Swanson (R) 2. Braves 4
21 Tommy Edman (S) 25 Cardinals 2B, 3B, OF 4
22 Willie Adams (R) 25 Rays 4
23 Amed Rosario (R) 25 Indians 4
24 Elvis Andrus (R) 32 As 4
25 Garrett Hampson (R) 24 Of rocks 2 B, OF 4
24 Jake Cronworth (L) 2. Padres 1b, 2b 4
2. Paul de Jong (R) 2. Cardinals 4
2. Carter Keyboom (R) 23 The citizens 3b 5
29 George Polanco (S) 2. Twins 5
30 Jonathan Villar (S) 29 Mets 2b 5
31 John Bertie (R) 30 Marlins 2B, 3B, OF 5
32 Willie Castro (S) 23 Tigers 3b 4
33 Ha-Song Kim (R) 25 Padres 2b 4
34 Chris Taylor (R) 30 Dodgers 2 B, OF 4
35 Freddie Galvis (S) 31 Orioles 2b 4
37 Kevin Newman (R) 2. Pirates 4
3. Andres Jimenez (L) 22 Indians 2b, 3b 4
38 D. Strange-Gordon (L) * 32 The reds 2 B, OF 4
39 Miguel Rojas (R) 32 Marlins .
40 Nick Ahmed (R) 31 De-back .
41 Mauricio Dubon (R) 24 The giants 2 B, OF .
42 Andrelton Simmons (R) 31 Twins .
43 Isiah Keener-Falefa (R) 24 Ranger people C, 3b .
4 Joey Wendall (L) 30 Rays 2b, 3b .
45 Luis Uris (R) 23 Brewers 2b, 3b .
4 Jose Garcia (R) 22 The reds .
४ 47 Scott Kingery (R) 24 Phillies 2B, 3B, OF .
४ 48 Niko Gudram (S) 29 Tigers 1B, 2B, OF .
४ ९ Jose Iglesias (R) 31 Angels .
50 Orlando Archaea (R) 24 Brewers .

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