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Fantasy Baseball 3B Rankings: Third Base Tears, Sleepers, Draft Strategy

The third base has basically become the new first base, with the added bonus of many players who can steal an unimportant amount or hit for a higher average. There are (3) no 3Bs that would be considered major fantasy needle-movers in the SBs (with the possible exception of top-order Jose Ramirez), but it is still with many four- or five-grade contributors and a few top One situation is -ear sluggers. A quick glance at this year's rankings also let you know that solid starters can be found in all drafts.

The top seven or eight 3B-eligible players would potentially go through the first three rounds. On Yahoo, where Manny Machado and Alex Bragman are SS-characters, some of these players could be drafted to play another spot (DJ Lemahieu will slip to around 2B), but somehow, the best 3Bs Will come off the board early. This does not mean that you need to reach one – or 3B in the next tier – but it does mean that you must have multiple draft tactics for the position.

Further in the rankings, you will find more players who will likely be drafted to play other positions. The second base is not particularly strong this year, so players like Max Muncy, Mike Molcakas, Nick Solak, Dylan Moore and others are likely to go further where we ranked them below. Because of that, third base can quickly slim down if you don't get one of the top ones, , this is not a cause for panic because some third- or fourth-tier ones can have big seasons if they stay healthy ( Josh Donaldson, Justin Turner, Miguel Sano) or big breakouts (Alec Bohm, Austin Riley, Ke'Brien Hayes).

All of those of sleepers are worth drafting at some point, and even going deep, you can find some interesting sleepers such as Carter Kiebom or even Mike Brusseau and John Bertie if they were to be regularized. Get playing time. At the very least, the multi-position qualification of these players makes them an assistant bench option in deep leagues.

Finally, the third base is the type of position where you can get a star that actually hits for a higher average (Anthony Rendon, possibly Nolan Arenado if you still trust him away from Coors), a big one. Slugger (Eugerio Suarez, Matt Chapman), or a decent power-speed guy (Cavan Bigigo, Yon Moncada). Draft according to what you want.

We will keep updating the 3B rankings frequently throughout the spring, so check back for the latest player movement. Please that players are ranked as if they are In college Characters on 3B. Some players, such as Cavan Bigigo and Dylan Moore, may be ranked higher overall as they qualify to other positions.

Fantasy Baseball 3B Rankings: Third Base Tears, Sleepers, Draft Strategy

Rankings based on 5×5 H2H leagues are in the form of a hitting category with rupees, HRs, RBIs, SBs and batting averages.

Eligibility based on position Yahoo's default settings

* * The player is not eligible in any position on the day of the draft but is expected to play there during the season.

Post Player (bats) Age (as of 4/1) Team Other posts Tier
1 Jose Ramirez (S) 2. Indians 1
2 Manny Machado (R) 2. Padres SS 1
3 Anthony Randon (R) 30 Angels 1
4 Alex Bragman (R) 2. Astros SS 1
5 Eugenio Suarez (R) 31 The reds 1
. Nolan Arenado (R) 29 Cardinals 1
. Rafael Devers (L) 24 red Sox 1
4 DJ Lehmahu (R) 32 Yankees 1b, 2b 2
4 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (R) 22 Neelkanth 1b 2
10 Cavan Bigigo (L) 25 Neelkanth 2 B, OF 2
1 1 Matt Chapman (R) 2. As 2
12 Chris Bryant (R) 29 The cub Of 2
13 Jonah Moncada (S) 25 White sox 2
14 Max Muncy (L) 30 Dodgers 1b, 2b 3
15 Mike Mowcakas (L) 32 The reds 1b, 2b 3
14 Josh Donaldson (R) 35 Twins 3
1. Alec Bohm (R) 24 Phillies 1b 3
1. Jeff McNeill (L) 2. Mets 2 B, OF 3
19 Ian Happ (S) 24 The cub 2 B, OF 3
20 Nick Solak (R) 25 Ranger people 2 B, OF 3
21 Dylan Moore (R) 2. Mariners 2B, SS, OF 3
22 Justin Turner (R) 37 Dodgers 3
23 Austin Riley (R) 23 Braves Of 4
24 Miguel Sano (R) 2. Twins 1b 4
25 Eduardo Escobar (S) 32 De-back 2b 4
24 Jean Segura (R) 31 Phillies 2b 4
2. K'Brien Hayes (R) 24 Pirates 4
2. Jio Urshela (R) 29 Yankees 4
29 JD Davis (R) 2. Mets Of 4
30 Yuli Guril (R) 37 Astros 1b 4
31 Ryan McMahon (L) 24 Of rocks 1b, 2b 5
32 Tommy Edman (S) 25 Cardinals 2B, SS, OF 5
33 Kyle Seeger (L) 33 Mariners 5
34 Hunter Dozier (R) 29 Royal Family 1 B, OF 5
35 Jamir Candelario (S) 2. Tigers 1b 5
37 Carter Keyboom (R) 23 The citizens SS 5
3. Brian Anderson (R) 2. Marlins Of 4
38 Ivan Longoria (R) 35 The giants 4
39 Rougand Odor (L) * 2. Ranger people 2b 4
40 Willie Castro (S) 23 Tigers SS 4
41 John Bertie (R) 30 Marlins 2B, SS, OF 4
42 Colin Moran (L) 2. Pirates 1b, 2b .
43 Mike Bros. (R) 2. Rays 1b, 2b .
4 Tire France (R) 24 Mariners 2b .
45 Yoshi Satsugo (L) 29 Rays Of .
4 Rio Ruiz (L) 24 Orioles 1b .
४ 47 Edwin Rios (L) 24 Dodgers 1b .
४ 48 Andres Jimenez (L) 22 Indians 2b, ss .
४ ९ Isiah Keener-Falefa (R) 24 Ranger people C, ss .
50 Luis Uris (R) 23 Brewers 2b, ss .

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