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Fantasy Baseball 2B Rankings: Second Base Tears, Sleepers, Draft Strategy

At first glance, our fantasy 2B rankings for look pretty deep, but when you factor in multi-position eligibility, you can expect many of these players to be already off the board, at least deep. In the league. In shallow leagues, you shouldn't have problems finding a good second baseman, even if you stop and plunge into the sleeper tier.

The great thing about Second Base is that you can find almost anything you want there. The average hitter, power hitter and stealer are contributors. This makes this situation difficult, as it really comes down to the needs of the category. A speedster like Nick Medrigal may have more value to your team than a slugger like Mike Mowcakus, depending on how your team is built. Madakakas is located about 10 places ahead of Madrigal – and will definitely go in higher drafts – but you might be better off waiting for several rounds and even if that means getting Mrigal a little higher.

It is worth noting that there are not many “category-winning” SB people on 2B. Both Whit Merrifield and Jose Altuve had a reputation, but both have seen a significant decline in stealing over the past few seasons. People like Ozzie Albies, Cavan Bigigo, and Dylan Moore may all get 20 steals, but it doesn't seem likely until Garrett Hampson, Jonathan Willer, John Bertie, or De Strange-Gordon meet on time every day. That 2B will also kill 30 SB. .

This does not mean that it is not important to find four or five category contributors in 2B, but you should not think that you will win a steal because of your second baseman. In the end, this means that you should not let a good all-all-value pass in the draft. There are legal sluggers in this position (Gleiber Torres, Brandon Lowe, Max Muncy, Lourdes Gurrill Jr., Ian Happ, etc.), as well as potential major average contributors (DJ Lemahieu, Merrifield, Altuve, Jeff McNeile, Jean Segura). There are plenty of high-up goldsmiths (Nick Solak, Moore, Gavin Lux, Jake Cronworth) and meaningful bench players who can chip in across the board when you need them (Colten Wong, Tommy Edman).

It's hard to predict when many of these players will be drafted, but if you stay on top of how many 2Bs are selected as well as your category, you need a solid starter and even Must be able to find a versatile, productive .

We are updating our 2B rankings throughout the spring, so check back for the latest player movement. Please note that players are ranked as if they are In college Characters on 2B. Some players, such as Glibber Torres or Kettle Mart, may be given a higher rank overall as they qualify for multiple positions.

Fantasy Baseball 2B Rankings: Second Base Tears, Sleepers, Draft Strategy

Rankings based on 5×5 H2H leagues are in the form of a hitting category with rupees, HRs, RBIs, SBs and batting averages.

Eligibility based on position Yahoo's default settings

* * The player is not eligible in any position on the day of the draft but is expected to play there during the season.

Post Player (bats) Age (as of 4/1) Team Other posts Tier
1 DJ Lehmahu (R) 32 Yankees 1b, 3b 1
2 Keston Hiura (R) 24 Brewers 1B * 1
3 White Merrifield (R) 32 Royal Family Of 1
4 Ozzie Albies (S) 24 Braves 2
5 Gleiber Torres (R) 24 Yankees SS 2
4 Brandon Lowe (L) 24 Rays 1 B, OF 2
. Lourdes Gurrill Jr. (R) 2. Neelkanth Of 2
. Jose Altuve (R) 30 Astros 2
4 Cavan Bigigo (L) 25 Neelkanth 3 B, OF 2
10 Marcus Semian (R) * 30 Neelkanth SS 2
1 1 Kettle Mart (S) 2. De-back Ss, k 2
12 Max Muncy (L) 30 Dodgers 1b, 3b 3
13 Mike Mowcakas (L) 32 The reds 1b, 3b 3
14 Jeff McNeill (L) 2. Mets 3 B, OF 3
15 Ian Happ (S) 24 The cub 3 B, OF 3
14 Nick Solak (R) 25 Ranger people 3 B, OF 3
1. Dylan Moore (R) 2. Mariners 3B, SS, OF 3
1. Eduardo Escobar (S) 32 De-back 3b 3
19 Jean Segura (R) 31 Phillies 3b, ss 4
20 Ryan McMahon (L) 24 Of rocks 1b, 3b 4
21 Kolten Wong (L) 30 Brewers 4
22 Tommy Edman (S) 25 Cardinals 3B, SS, OF 4
23 Nick Madrigal (R) 24 White sox 4
24 Garrett Hampson (R) 24 Of rocks Ss, k 4
25 Jake Cronworth (L) 2. Padres 1b, ss 4
24 Gavin Lux (L) 23 Dodgers 5
2. Jonathan Scoop (R) 29 Tigers 5
2. Rougan Odor (L) 2. Ranger people 3B * 5
29 Jonathan Villar (S) 29 Mets SS 5
30 John Bertie (R) 30 Marlins 3B, SS, OF 5
31 Colin Moran (L) 2. Pirates 1b, 3b 4
32 Brendan Rodgers (R) 24 Of rocks SS 4
33 Ha-Song Kim (R) 25 Padres SS 4
34 Chris Taylor (R) 30 Dodgers Ss, k 4
35 Freddie Galvis (S) 31 Orioles SS 4
37 Mike Bros. (R) 2. Rays 1b, 3b 4
3. Tire France (R) 24 Mariners 3b 4
38 Andres Jimenez (L) 22 Indians 3b, ss 4
39 D Strange-Gordon (L) 32 The reds Ss *, off 4
40 Jurikasan Profar (S) 2. Padres Of .
41 Michael Chavis (R) 25 red Sox 1 B, OF .
42 Mauricio Dubon (R) 24 The giants Ss, k .
43 Wilmer Floors (R) 29 The giants 1b .
4 Starlin Castro (R) 31 The citizens .
45 Donovan Solano (R) 33 The giants .
4 Joey Wendall (L) 30 Rays 3b, ss .
४ 47 Luis Uris (R) 23 Brewers 3b, ss .
४ 48 Isan Diaz (L) 24 Marlins .
४ ९ Scott Kingery (R) 24 Phillies 3B, SS, OF .
50 David Fletcher (R) 24 Angels 3B, SS, OF .

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