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Doggy Dhaba in Indore Is a Big Hit Among Our Furry Friends! Everything To Know About This Place That Caters to Dogs

Doggy Dhaba in Indore Is a Big Hit Among Our Furry Friends! Everything To Know About This Place That Caters to Dogs

Indore, February 25: If you are a dog owner, you would know how important it is to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. One way to do that is by feeding them good food that not only satiates their appetite but also provides them with the necessary nutrients for their growth and . But what if you want to take your pooch out for a meal, and not just any meal but a special one? Enter Doggy Dhaba – an Indore-based dhaba that caters to dogs! Bombay High Court Says ‘Stray Dogs Will Not Be Aggressive If Given Food And Little Care'.

The city of Indore is now home to an unusual eatery that might attract canine customers and their human companions alike. The Doggy Dhaba, a unique restaurant that serves dogs, is the brainchild of Balraj Jhala, a passionate dog lover. Opened by Balraj and his wife, this doggy dhaba is a unique concept that offers food, stays and birthday celebration options for dogs. Further, food delivery parcels are also given from this dhaba for your canine friend.

Speaking to ANI about how the idea for this dhaba came to him, Balraj revealed that it was during the Covid-induced when he realized that even dogs were struggling to find food. As a former hotel worker, Balraj used to feed the dogs he encountered on his way back home at night. He said, “I have been a dog lover since the beginning. I used to work in a hotel till the year 2019, from where I fed the dogs on the way back home at night.”

When the pandemic hit and even human food became scarce, he saw the need for quality dog food in the city and came up with the idea of Doggy Dhaba. “It was then that I got the idea of opening a dhaba for dogs and I opened this dhaba in 2020 along with my wife,” he continued. Dog Home Foundation, a Foundation With the Vision of Providing the Greatest Medical Care to Ill-Treated Pets.

The dhaba offers a range of dog food, from basic meals to veg and non-veg specialities and supplements, with prices ranging from Rs 7 to Rs 500 per day so you can choose what suits your dog's taste and your budget.

What's more, the Doggy Dhaba also makes customised cakes for dogs' birthdays, allowing them to celebrate their special day in style. “My business also operates online. Dog food delivery boys are also kept who supply food both times,” added Balraj.

But the Doggy Dhaba is more than just a restaurant. Balraj and his wife also offer boarding services for dogs, in an attempt to make it a one-stop shop for all your pooch's needs. The couple tries to ensure that dogs staying at their facility are well taken care of, with plenty of opportunities for exercise, play, and socialization, so you don't have to worry about their well-being.

Doggy Dhaba has already gained popularity among dog owners in Indore. Customers like Ram Sharma appreciate the variety and quality of the food, as well as the safe environment for their pets. He said, “Here healthy food is available for the dogs, there is also an arrangement for the dog to stay here.”

Anju Sahu, another customer, highlights the peace of mind she feels leaving her dog at the Doggy Dhaba when she needs to go out of town. “When we go out of the house, we leave our dog here. We do not have to worry about eating or living of our dogs here, there is a good arrangement for them to live, eat and play,” she said.

The Doggy Dhaba is a testament to the growing trend of pet-friendly businesses and the increasing importance of pets in our lives. With its innovative concept and emphasis on quality and care, the restaurant is sure to continue to be a hit among dog owners in Indore and beyond. So, if you're looking for a place to dine out with your furry friend or a reliable boarding option when you're away, check out this dhaba in Indore.

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