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Devendrakula Vellar’s loyalty spread

The younger generation sees the issue of ‘heritage’ as distinct from the elderly population.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought to be patient for the seven Scheduled Castes sub-sects, stating that the Center accepted the demand for his ‘heritage’ name known as Devendrakula Vellar, it appeared that The BJP has achieved a political success in Tamil Nadu. This gave rise to theories that Devendrakula Vellar would concretely back the AIADMK-BJP alliance in the assembly elections.

On Friday, the Lok Sabha passed a bill classifying the Devendrakulathan, Kadayan, Kaldi, Kudumban, Pallan, Pannadi and Vathirian communities as Devendrakulan Vellar. A section of Devendrakula Vellar has also demanded that it be removed from the Scheduled Castes. However, critics saw this as an attempt by the BJP to gain a foothold in the electoral arena.

Although Devendrakula Vellar has a significant presence in some villages in the south, it is revealed that the ground reality is slightly different. While the BJP and Mr. Modi have won hearts, it is the smaller organizations pushing the demand – the name is more obvious than the de-listing – that are pulling the strings and constantly changing these ideas. Also, there is a notable difference in the way the younger generation views the issue compared to the elderly population.

In Orudaiyarpuram in Tirunelveli district, the youth are said to be marked as ‘S.C.’ Drink‘(A Scheduled Caste boy) has taken a psychological toll on the community. According to him, the negative aspects (being on the list) overcome the positive aspects. “Everywhere we go, they [the dominant castes] Call us’ SC Drink‘. In colleges, we are marked as a Scheduled Caste and treated differently. We do not like it. We need that name [Devendrakula Velalar] “Ashok, who works in a company making ‘paneer’ in Tirunelveli,” says Ashok, a commerce graduate.

Old people were skeptical of these demands and raised important issues of loss of constitutional from discrimination. “Our livelihoods have not improved, although we have constitutional guarantees. Leaders who had humble beginnings are saying that we should come off the list. We respect him for what we have done but he has done well for himself. What will happen to our children when we leave the list? How do we protect ourselves from caste atrocities, ”asks an elderly man.

This was a recurring theme: there was a divide between the young and the old; Educated and uneducated. Activists claim that those who could not derive any benefit from being on the list are more likely to support these demands than those who have benefited. Whereas small organizations have systematically propagated the ideas of ‘glorious Mallar history’ by publishing several books. truth.

Retired District Judge of Tenkasi District P.P. Ramraj says that the population supporting these demands does not understand its consequences. “They say that we are farmers and we are landlords. Show them how many members of the community are more than five acres. The truth is that they are marginally better than other scheduled caste communities. If the community members are to some extent Are doing well, so it is due to the loans that they have received through the Dravidian Housing and Development Corporation of Tamil Nadu etc. ”

He feels that K. of Puthiya Tamilgam. Leaders like Krishnasamy will lose, and the community will vote for the DMK-led coalition this time. “If people like us work for the DMK, then they [the alliance] Will receive 70% -80% of the vote. They [the Sangh Parivar] Attempts were made to create a publicity favorable to Mr. Modi, but it did not work.

In Naganakulam, Madurai, some organizations are supporting Mr. Modi. Madurai Muthupandi, Deputy Secretary, Tamizhar Viduthalai Kalam, dismisses concerns that this is the work of the Sangh Parivar.

“We raised these demands over the years. These demands are before the RSS. Why did the state or Tamil parties not withdraw them? Mr. Modi has ensured that the whole world will talk about us. This is the first victory in our battle. We will support him in the election.

Activists say that these developments have led to two influential leaders, Drs. Krishnaswamy and Tamilana Makkal Munetra have forced John Pandian of the Kadagam, so that these demands remain relevant within the community. After Devendrakula Vellar was pulled out of the AIADMK-led coalition to protest against the government’s failure, Puthiya Tamilagam is contesting alone on 60 seats, with Mr Pandian contesting on the AIIMMK symbol in Egmore.


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