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Countryside Watson trade rumors: Why Biran is a strong bet to deal with the sudden Texas QB

The Bears could draft Countryman Watson ahead of Mitchell Trubisky in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Now they may be willing to give a lot of future draft picks to acquire Watson in 2021.

In Monday's edition of ESPN's “NFL Live”, analyst Dan Orlowski suggested that Chicago should go “all in” for Watson to complete a trade with the Texans. Subsequently, reporter Jeff Darlington explained That Beers may be in a very desperate state At quarterback for making such a move.

Byers was mentioned as an early lawsuit for Watson in which Trubisky was set to become a free agent, which they would not try to sign again. They also do not want to back down from Nick Falls, who still has two years left on his contract.

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Since those initial Watson trade rumors, Beers lost an important QB option when the Colts traded to the Eagles' Carson Wentz. He also noticed that Alabama's Mack Jones' draft stock continues atop his No. 20 first-round pick. For now, the 49ers don't even look like they're working with Illinois native Jimmy Garpolo.

Leaves the Beers, should they need to go the non-rookie route, with the least inspiring option, the Jets' Sam Darnold and the most unrealistic option, Seahawk's Russell Wilson. If Chicago does not want to settle with Matt QB as a bridge QB to reroute Alex Smith (soon to be released by Washington), it inspired him more to shoot for the moon with Watson should go.

The Beers would have no doubt of giving up a ton of money to do so in Texas. It starts with Watson being able to carry the contract. They barely became salary-compliant with the release of slot cornerback Buster Skreen and are now around $ 233,000 in cap. According to OverTheCap.com.

But Watson's current Texas deal comes with a $ 15.95 million cap hit for 2021. While this is fair for a QB, created by a large guarantee, Watson got on his four-year, $ 156 million contract to make room for Watson, his biggest cap hit in the next three years. The beers still need to be cut more.

The Bears could do this by moving on from defensive Akeem Hicks and Tight and Jimmy Graham. That is another $ 17.5 million in additional cap relief, and they could clear another $ 8 million by naming aggressor Bobby Massey in a June deduction. Not only could the Bears afford Watson in the short term in that scenario, but they would be close to having free-agent wide receiver Alan Robinson as their go-to, either at the franchise tag or, better, a long-term deal. .

It makes little sense for the Bears to trade for Watson if they only leave him with Darnell Mooney, Anthony Miller, and second-year tight end Cole Keim as their best receivers. So forget the tag-and-trade scenario with Robinson. He would have to stay to attract Watson, and Watson would have to be on his way so Robinson comes around staying in Chicago.

The next part of the plan is finding compensation. The Texans are in great need of defensive help, but the beer offering is limited. Edge razor Khalil Mack has been mentioned, but despite him still being an elite player, it would be difficult for Houston to take on another big contract for the 30-year-old.

Without a veteran in the mix, the Texans should ask the Beers for a minimum of three first-rounders this year at No. 20, where they pick in 2022 and 2023. They should not be ashamed to ask about the second of this year. -Grounder, No. 52 overall.

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Houston now needs to target Chicago above all teams to get the biggest return. With no need to involve Robinson, Beers should have no problem it for whoever takes the draft-pick wise. Watson is only 25 years old and will give the BFC a shot in the NFC every season, as long as they work to give him great offensive support and decent defensive help. Texas should take a rounder less than before for the MAC or any other player or two players of their choice, the beer should also be fine.

The Bears were an NFC playoff team in 2020, whether you try to knock out their 8-8 record. He has a lot of positive elements around the QB, which employs him to win big now with the right QB. It would be a waste of time to think that Darnold or Smith could do better than what Trubisky and Foles did last season.

The Jets and Dolphins do not have to force a Watson deal as they have the opposite, BU's Zach Wilson at number two and Tua Tagovelloa overall. The Panthers should top young Giants compensation (Christian McCaffrey; Brian Burns? Jeremy Chin?) In attempts to acquire Watson, and they should have Jones, Ohio State's Justin Fields, and North Dakota State Trey. Lance finished 8th overall. The winds of desperation swirl too much through Chicago.

After Watson leaves, there is almost nothing for Beers to lose and everything is down to gain. They can either try to win big or go home without a playoff berth in 2021.

Forget how much the 2017 draft mistake would have cost the Bears. They need to try their best to exploit a rare opportunity to correct it.

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