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Best, Funniest Fantasy Baseball Team Named 2021

It's a lot of effort to win a Fantasy League – tricks to start / decide for a waiver from draft submission – but you won't have a bigger challenge all season than choosing the name of the best fantasy baseball team. After all, most of your league will not win anything at the end of the year, but everyone has a chance to shine with a funny or clever team name. So, when studying other auction prices, rankings, sleeper pics, and other assorted cheat sheets, you can focus on what really matters, which is the list below.

Before you dive in, we'll assume that there may be one or two … hundred suggestions below that aren't great. But, as we like to point out, even though 70 percent is terrible, we're still batting .300, which makes us Hall-of-Famers. Even if you disagree and think we're batting closer to .230, well, that's the way the game is going nowadays: less average but more home runs, which is what we call “Beecht's Creek, “And provide as Tescos. …, “” Zero Lux Given, “and” Mowcakus Tuesday. “Still productive. At the very least, we're taking significant amounts of pitches as our bad suggestions. Take advantage of the hard work we put in and think about our own, vastly superior team names Be inspired for

2021 fictitious basis
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We know that the best team names are often going to be inside jokes between your legume or crude / offensive things that we can't print here. We can't help much either, but we are sure you can come with those on your own. However, if you are looking at the name of your team after one of your players – and you are a fan of some of the most important dates – then you are at the right place.

Just search for a player's name and you can find our suggestions for it. Choose your favorite – or think of a better one – and your season will be successful even when it ends in 10th.

Best Fantasy Baseball Team Named 2021

Sell ​​bo

Bichet's Creek


Brandon Lowe

This is low we do it

Let's get down

Juan Soto

Juan / Juan for all and only / Chun Juan / etc.

Say it ain't Soto / I told you Soto

Soto Act / Going Soto

Gavin Lux

Gave zero lux

Crack out of lux / press your lux

Lux-y charms

Gleybar Torres

Advanced jellymetrics

Won't you be my glib?

It's a beautiful day

Trent Grisham

Council of Trent

Kyle tucker

Bad Mothertruckers

Tucker and roll

All tuck out

Brandon Woodruff

Morning wood

Once in hollywood

Josh haider

Player haider's ball

Don't be a hyder

The player is not playing Hyder

DRAFT Strategy: Snake Draft | Smart system | Auction tips

Fernando Tatis Jr.

Altuve's incomplete tatis

Tattis Parlor

Ozzy Alloys

Sir, this is Abbys

Prejudice in trap

Wizard of ogee

Randy Azarna

Ajarana by any other name …

Kiss from arozearena

Akin to valor

Trevor Rosenthal

Kiss from a Rosenthal

A Rozanthal by any other name…

Tyler Glasnow

In case of emergency, break Glasgow

Blake snail

Snail you letter / hate who snails it, delt it

Black Effect / Black Superior / Great Black

Paul de jong

Only the gudjong

Mike mowakas

Mowcakus Tuesday

2021 Fantasy Base: Mock Draft Simulator | Auction price

Mike trout

Excessive trout

Won in a trout

Trout 66

Manny Machado

Machado about nothing

Machado man

You da mani

James carinchack


Alex Bregman

Humble bregman

Rafael Devers

DeversEnding Story

Deep Sea Eaters

Good in future endless

AJ Pollock

Irish Pollock

Press Your Pollock

Kirby Yates

Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Pear Yates


Kenta maida

Show Maida Money / You Maida My Day / I Maida Mistake

Marcus Strowman

Strowman Troopers

Louis robert

Police and Roberts

Kenley Johnson

Yes we canley!

Marcel Oguna

Secret of ojuna

Alec Bohm

Bohm squad

Here comes bohm

Edwin diaz

All i do is edwin

Mahima Diaz

Alex colombo

Here may be my number, kolam

Shane Bieber

True Beliebers / Now I'm a Belieber

Let it bieber

Ragin Odor

Smell in the court

New world smell

Odor eaters

Corbin Burns

First degree burns / burns notice / burns baby burns

Sick burn

Corbin in the woods

Dylan Moore

Gimme Moore / Moore the Merrier / Aituck.


10,000 Manac

Brandon Workman

Worker's comp

Chris padak

Knack-Knack Padak Whack

Bachelor pad

David dahl

Bloopup dahls

Dah or nothing

Kyle Lewis

Refuse louis

De strange-gordon


JD Martinez / JD Davis

JD nuts

Tesar haranandaj

And Taoskar goes …

Trevor Story

bedtime Stories

never ending Story

Noah Syndergaard

Syndergaardians of the Galaxy

Syndergaards House

Just say noah

Francisco Lindor

Don't kill lindor yes … / Three linders down

Mitch Garver

99 problems but a mitch is not a

Pete Alonso

Peat rocks

Anthony Bass

Everything about that bass


Carlos Correa


Correan BBQ

Yordan Alvarez

Escape from alvarez

Air yords

Liam hendrix

Love 'em and liam

Jack flaherty

The artist

Cut into pieces

Adalberto Mondesi

Monday case

Kettle marte

Kettle Forest

Marte Gras

Dilsen Lamet

Partition book

Xander bogaerts

X gona it to this

What's good is good for swan

Belt Xanders

Do not !

Bogarts academy

Marcus semian


Alloy Jimenez

Island of Misfit Alloys

Their boy alloy

Austin meadows


Davy Meadows

Austin garden

Austin riley

Austin garden

Zach plesac

Objectives of placec

Ion Moncada

Yon of happiness

Hakuna Mankada

Yoan Me, So Happy Together

DJ Lemahieu

Do not be LeMahieu / LeMahieu came up

Vladimir Guerrero Junior.

Vlad Dadi, we like to party

Vlad the Impallers

Eugenio Suarez

Eugenio, Gate of My Cloud

Griffin canning

Estras Garbage Canning

Keston Hiura

Let's be hierra

Keston show

Nicolas Castellanos

King of castellanos

Fremill reyes

Reyes of Sunshine

Fremill's run

Josh Bell

for whom the Bell Tolls

Hell bell

Frankie Montas

Frankie, My Dear, I Don't Give a Done

Brad hand

(See these pictures for yourself)

Yuli guerrill

Yuli gold

Yuletide greetings

Sunny gray

Sunny days are here again

Gray Matters / 50 shades of gray

Raisel Iglesias

Pink Whiskey and Raisel

Andrew McCutchen

Can't do it

Willie Calhoun

Big Willie Style

Michael Conforto

Conforto-ble yourself

Giancarlo Stanton

Stanton Island

Stanton ovation

Cavan Biggio

Continuous cavitation

The Notorious Biggio

Max fried

Buy one get one fried

Land of Fried

Fried bird

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Zach Gallen

55 gallon drum

Giovanni Galigos

Leggo my galigos

Luke weaver

Cat scratch weaver

Dream weaver

Scott Kingery

All Hell the Kingery / If You Shoot at the Kingery, You Bet Not Miss


My first macneil

Justin upton

Once Upton A Time …


Golden Archies / Gateway Archie

Robbie Ray

Rays of light

Didi Gregorius

Didi gun

Throw some sister on that b ****

Matt boyd

Boy's Raga

Avoid boyd

Renato Nunez

Dog day afternoon

Ryan Pressley

Press your luck

Joc pederson

Joc Straps / Joc Offs / Jock Jams

Hunter renfro

Big game hunter

Hunter dossier

Big game hunter

Bull dossier

Nick Solak

Not solak

Anthony Santander

Santner Claus

Yandy diaz

Yandy Man Cain / Yandy Bar

Carlos Carrasco

Brand New Carlos / Used Carlos

Will Smith and Will Smith

The Fresh Princess (will draft only those two)

Miguel Sano

Sano Plows / Sano Patrol

Sano? More Like Sa-Yes!

David price

the price is right

Sixto Sanchez

See your Sixth / Sixto shooter

Dirty Sanchez

CJ Krone

Krone Thug-n-Harmony

Walker Buhler

Buehler? Buehler? Anyone?

Walker Buehler Day Off

Skywalker / Moonwalker

Byron Buxton

bye Bye Bye

This is why I make Big Buxton

Aaron judge

Come here save it for the judge

Judgment day

Aaron in favor of

Aaron Nola / Austin Nola

Just Nola / Nola Means Nola

Champagne Supernola

White Merrifield

On the whites end / quick whites

Stromarifield's Forever / Merrifield of Dreams

Eat, drink, and be merifield

Javier Baez

the instruments

Avicel Garcia

I Avisel Away

Will myers

Will power


Charlie blakeman

Paint / back it in blackmon

Orphan Blakeman

Kolton wong

Can't we all just pick a wong?

Corey Kluber

In da clubar

Cody Belinger

Hell's bellinger

For whom belinger toll

German marquez

German Shepard / German Precision

Freddy freeman

Land of freeman

Freddy's revenge

Bryce Harper

Harper's sons

Bryce is right

Lourdes Gurril Jr.

Praise lourdes

Jesus Luzardo

praise Jesus

Luzardo kings

Emilio Pagan

Pagan puja / pagan holiday

Daniel bard

Bards tail

Ronald acuna jr


Brother, Akuna spare a dime?

Tyler Mahle

Mahle Fraud

Nelson cruz

Cruise Control / Cruise Missile / Cruisein ‘for a Brucine'

Full nelson

Jared Walsh

He got scared

Jetty realmuto

Keep it real

Mukki bets

Place your bets

I did all this for Mookie

Chris basit

Basit Hounds

Gary sanchez

Dirty Sanchez

Tommy pham

Modern Family / V Family / Family Ties / Family Matters are

Corey Seeger / Kyle Seeger

One if by land, to if caesar

Jake cronworth

Her weight in Cronenworth Gold

Anthony Rizzo



Harrison badar


George solar

Solar powered

George House (also works for George Alfaro)


Grand theft votto

Jerit cole

Cole Powered

Cole knot

Santosh Gerrit

Rich Garrett

Santosh Garrett

Lend me rich

Paul goldsmid

Is goldsmith

Oops! I Goldsmith My Pants!

Good as a goldsmith

Ke'Brian Hayes

Purple hayes

Christian Yulich

Rebel yelich

Christian soldiers ahead

Christian missionary

Christian Walker

Look up

Skywalker / Moonwalker

Christian Xavier

Look up

Tray turner

To cheat

Ice tray

Head Turner / U Turner (also Got Draft U Darvish)


Justin turner

Look up

right on time

Jake wheeler

18 wheeler / steeler wheeler / fifth wheeler / squeaky wheeler

Yasmani Grandal

Grand Slam

Craig Kimbrel

Kimbrels n Bits

Lorenzo Cain

Can is enabled

Amed Rosario / Eddie Rosario

Rosario Beads

Yu Darvesh

Whirling dervish

One million different names associated with “U”

Miles Mikolas

I will walk 500 miles

Isiah Kenner-Falefa

Falefa Stand

Max sheser

For Max / Max Power / Maxi Pad

Shazer Thing

Max Kepler

Look up

Max Muncy

Look up

Number accountant

Stefan Strasbourg

The Last Strasbourg / Final Strasbourg

I really can't stefan

Luke voit

100-voice battery

Eric Hosmer

Wizard of wizard

Hois hawkins

Pieces of rice

Rice Lightning

Yadir Molina

Funky cold melina

Jake Odorzi

Eggs Odorzi

Adam Eaton

Eaton Good

Victor Robbles / Victor Reyes

Hail to victor / goes to victor

Matt chapman

Old Buddy, Old Chapman

Aroldis Chapman

Old Buddy, Old Chapman

Aerodis short journey

Randall Grichuk

How much wood can a woodcock grichook?

Randall's Messiah

Joey gallo

Gallo Humor

Nolan Arenado


Just say nolan

Like a nolan stone

Jacob Degrom

Jumping degrom

Sterling mart

Dance with dances

Mart's Grass

Trevor bauer

Bauer play

Luis Castillo

Castillo king

Patrick corbin

Corbin in the woods

George springer

Springer is My Step in a Sprung / Springer

Springer breaker / springer cleaning

Anyone named Jose Ramirez / Jose Abreau / Jose

Pimps and jose

Jean Segura

Safe and Segura

Jose Berrios

Berrios boys

Ian hap

So Happy-Y Together / Happy-Y Go Lucky / etc.

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