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AEW Revolution: The Finale of the Barbed Wire Death Match is deemed by fans with a sour-sweet taste to the finale

What a blessing

Often in wrestling, the last The effect is permanent. Fireworks were at the R0;Revolution” event of all Elite Wrestling on Sunday night (mostly), but it was after the main event that fans gave up a sour taste.

After a brutal and bloody outburst following the death (yes, really) of the barbed wire between John Moxley and AEW champion Kenny Omega, the ring was set to R0;explode”, but the ultimate effect was in place of your uncle. There was nothing more than the fourth of July.

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To be fair, the only thing that you can do without, you know, Actually blowing up and killing their wrestlers in a ring, And the match took on the toughness and awkwardness that fans have come to expect, appreciate and accept in wrestling. But the suspension of disbelief can only go so much further in a scripted game, and some sparklers that can be recreated with $ 5 and some effort did not thrill fans, and was incomprehensible.

The idea of ​​R1;under-promise but over-deliver” is not at all in a game whose DNA is over-promising. Can dud be explained? are likely to be. Good promoters and wrestling writers can usually pursue bad finishes and events, which AEW brass was already doing last night.

Owner Tony Khan is taking on the arduous task of damage control, turning the seemingly over-busy fireworks display into an angle, with an explanation on the failed pigeons asked to appear on week’s episode R0;Dynamite”.

It is unfortunate that the audience was spared the explosion, as the feud between Moxley and Omega was one of the better hardcore matches we’ve seen in years. While the match was slightly higher than its Japanese counterparts, it once again showed that both Mocs and Omega are elite performers at the top of their game.

Still, not everyone was happy, with some fans kicking off the final sparkler after the show’s finale in the making of R0;Refund” after the show’s finale, while others made fun of the light show on Twitter.

Hopefully we’ll get some answers on Wednesday night.